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How to Know If a College Essay Writing Service is Fake

Many a student has been scammed before by essay help service and it is not a pretty sight. Not only does the student end up failing their class, they are also scammed out of a huge amount of money, especially if college essay writing services charge a premium for their products.

To help you avoid scammers and fraudsters like those, this is what you need to do:

1. Check if they have a BBB certification.

Some sites that are functional may not have a Better Business Bureau certification, but it is still best to check if they listed among the certified companies under operation. This organization ensures you that they are indeed a working business and not a scamming or phishing operation.

2. Study their website.

Look and see if all the links work on the site. Determine whether it looks like a copy of an existing site. You may use CopyScape to see if they used someone else’s mission statement as well. Apart from that you can Google them and see what the snippet says. If it says, robot.txt, do not visit that page. It is incomplete and untrustworthy.

3. Check for wrong grammar in their pages.

A writing service needs to be perfect when it comes to the copies on their pages. If you find anything wrong with how they write their web copies, do not expect them to give you quality papers for the prices they are asking. Even if they are cheap, you should never pay for a company that makes such obvious mistakes.

4. Call the number they put as their contact.

One of the easiest ways to check if the company exists is to call and talk to a real person who can give you the necessary information for you to hire their service. They must be engaging and helpful. Lastly, they must answer all your questions efficiently, truthfully, and most of all, politely.

5. Email the company and check if it bounces back.

Fake emails are tagged by email services and sent back to the user through services like Mailer-Daemon. If you end up receiving a message from them that says your e-mail was not received by the company, you will know that they are not operational and are only asking for information on their pages for phishing purposes.

6. Look at organic reviews or blog articles about the site.

The best way to find out if a writing website is real, you should look at reviews on sites like Yelp or other professional review sites for writing services. These sites offer an in-depth coverage of each website and they also write down the pros and cons of working with a certain website.

7. Check if the samples they send are original or spun content.

This is important because anyone can send samples that have been rewritten to look original. Find an app that detects spun content or submit the site for review to Google so they can use their technology to check.