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Who is James Abugah?

Who is James Abugah?

After dropping out of the Engineering class of the University of Nairobi in the early 90s I found myself drifting in life without a course.

Interestingly, I enrolled at the current Strathmore University for an accountancy course which I never finished. I went into employment; working in 3 different banks, a construction and export company in a span of only nine years.

I left employment to go into business on my own. I have been involved in at least 7 startups most of them ending as failures; life was really frustrating.

It wasn’t until the year 2007 that I got on track after reading some material from a man called Jay Abraham. I remember skipping payment of rent for a month to buy one of his products. This single sacrifice really paid off. It opened doors that were never imaginable before.

I got introduced to copywriting and marketing. I enrolled in the basic copywriting course of American Writers and Artist Inc (AWAI). And I as you can I guess, I have never looked back.

Today, I work for my clients from the comfort of my own home. Except for one man, whom I will not mention, my clients and associates are happy with want I do for them.

People like John Forde who says…

“I’m consistently impressed by James Abugah’s ambition. He’s dedicated himself to studying the masters and he’s clearly determined to make a place for his own name in the copywriting world. In fact, I was so inspired by his efforts I hired him to help me compile and write an e-book… and it came out so well, I’ve reconsidered and might develop it into a full book!”
John Forde

Others like Carol Bentley who says…
I consider James Abugah to be an outstanding individual. He is highly motivated, well organized, grounded in his faith and committed to his beliefs. James is a relentless go-getter who will stop at nothing to achieve results for his clients. The speed and professionalism in which he handles projects are excellent.”
Carol Bentley
Business Author & DR Copywriter
Promote Your Business Ltd

And there is Stuart Elliot; the man who took me under his wings when I didn’t know the difference between ‘advise’ and advice’. In fact, my first copywriting assignment came from him. I vividly remember the first payment of $100; it felt like $1000. He says…

“I have personally worked with him and he is the fantastic rising copywriter. Well organized, articulate and cranks the best headlines that resonate well with the audience. I won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone anytime.”
Stuart Elliot

In summary, copywriting has given me a reason to smile and a purpose in life. I now proudly call myself a copywriter, marketer, and entrepreneur. I constantly look at what others before me have done in the direct response industry.

I have devoured works of the people like Robert Collier, Bruce Burton, Claude Hopkins, John Caples, Maxwell Sackheim, Victor Schwab, Joe Karbo, Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Eugene Schwartz, David Ogilvy and much more.

Except for people like Michael Senoff of Hardtofindseminars.com and Lawrence Bernstein of Infoblogmarketing.com, I don’t think there is anybody else who has a bigger collection of the works of the masters than myself.

Here is the thing…

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