Why It is Okay to Ask for Research Paper Help

Writing a research paper takes up most of a student’s time. It is unlike a quiz or an exam that you need to study for within a specific period of time. A paper will pop up out of nowhere, throwing your whole schedule into disarray.

Academics may be the priority, but college students still have other commitments that they have to focus on to strike a perfect balance for their college life. They need to socialize, commit to organizations, and more importantly, rest. Partying is not a priority, but the rest is necessary to have a healthy mind and body while studying.

What other options are there?

Say "I need help with my research paper"

Not much, it seems, but there is still hope. Although a student cannot forgo writing a paper, they can get the help they need from several sources:

  • Because of this, many students turn to services that help research paper writing students with their projects. These types of services are designed to assist and teach the student through their services by providing them with a high-quality paper. The student, in turn, can choose between studying the paper and writing their own with the same quality or submit the research paper as it is. Either way, they get the help they need.
  • Students can also ask for help from their fellow students. You can work together with a group so you can be more productive and work quicker because you are working in sync. You can also ask a single student to help you – one that is an expert at paper writing. You can pay them to teach you how to write a good research paper.
  • Ask your professor for help. Although many teachers in colleges want their students to be independent, most of them understand that these kids are under a lot of pressure to pass their classes. If you end up with a professor, who is lenient on students, you make ask them for guidance or an extension of the deadline in exchange for helping them out when you have free time.
  • Post an ad for help in writing your paper. If you cannot find anyone within the university to help you, just post an ad telling “I need help with my research paper” and you will probably find a desired tutor. Just make sure to keep your identity private in case someone decides to scam you. It is best to meet this person in person in a public place and work on the essay together. Privacy is extremely important should your ad be misunderstood.

It may be hard to understand why any college student would need to ask for help in writing papers, but time has changed. College is harder and there is the added pressure of some students to earn money because of rising tuition fees. Asking for help is only difficult the first time. When you start to understand that it is more beneficial than hurtful to your career as a student, you will realize that the help you got was worth the time, effort, and money you spent on it.

How to Know If a College Essay Writing Service is Fake

Many a student has been scammed before by essay help service and it is not a pretty sight. Not only does the student end up failing their class, they are also scammed out of a huge amount of money, especially if college essay writing services charge a premium for their products.

To help you avoid scammers and fraudsters like those, this is what you need to do:

1. Check if they have a BBB certification.

Some sites that are functional may not have a Better Business Bureau certification, but it is still best to check if they listed among the certified companies under operation. This organization ensures you that they are indeed a working business and not a scamming or phishing operation.

2. Study their website.

Look and see if all the links work on the site. Determine whether it looks like a copy of an existing site. You may use CopyScape to see if they used someone else’s mission statement as well. Apart from that you can Google them and see what the snippet says. If it says, robot.txt, do not visit that page. It is incomplete and untrustworthy.

3. Check for wrong grammar in their pages.

A writing service needs to be perfect when it comes to the copies on their pages. If you find anything wrong with how they write their web copies, do not expect them to give you quality papers for the prices they are asking. Even if they are cheap, you should never pay for a company that makes such obvious mistakes.

4. Call the number they put as their contact.

One of the easiest ways to check if the company exists is to call and talk to a real person who can give you the necessary information for you to hire their service. They must be engaging and helpful. Lastly, they must answer all your questions efficiently, truthfully, and most of all, politely.

5. Email the company and check if it bounces back.

Fake emails are tagged by email services and sent back to the user through services like Mailer-Daemon. If you end up receiving a message from them that says your e-mail was not received by the company, you will know that they are not operational and are only asking for information on their pages for phishing purposes.

6. Look at organic reviews or blog articles about the site.

The best way to find out if a writing website is real, you should look at reviews on sites like Yelp or other professional review sites for writing services. These sites offer an in-depth coverage of each website and they also write down the pros and cons of working with a certain website.

7. Check if the samples they send are original or spun content.

This is important because anyone can send samples that have been rewritten to look original. Find an app that detects spun content or submit the site for review to Google so they can use their technology to check.

Do You Know These 37 Ways to Write a Headline?

The first direct response Ads appeared in the newspapers in 1840. Ever since, numerous tests have reduced advertising to a science. You can tell which headline will work and which one will not. A seasoned copywriter will easily tells you which words will pull prospects and which ones will repulse them.

When writing a headline you need to make an emotional appeal. The most effective appeals are: saving money, making money, retirement security, reducing fat, freedom from worry, comfort, and gaining leisure.

Others are heath care security, better health, prestige, career advancement, old age security, and faster and easier ways of doing things. Despite technological changes, these appeals never change. Human beings want the same things out of life.

Our great grand parents worried about their health and that is also our concern today. I bet it will be even 1000 years to come. The only things that may change are the health threatening diseases from one generation to the next.

When writing a headline, make an attempt to do the following:

-Arouse curiosity. (Do you make these type of mistakes in your headlines is a good example of curiosity arousing headline.)

-Be specific. (Reduce 65 pounds of ugly fat this summer is better than reduce 65 pounds of fat.)

-Be unique and avoid the obvious. (Instead of saying try this hand cleaner, say discover a new kind of hand cleaner)

-Make a headline that exhibits urgency. (Read this or go broke is a perfect example.)

When you write your headline in these 37 ways, you are sure to get a winner.

  1. Start your headline with the word ‘Introducing.’
  2. Start your headline with the word ‘Announcing.’
  3. Have words in your headline that have an announcement quality.
  4. Use ‘At last’ as your first word in your headline.
  5. Create a headline with the word ‘New’ in the beginning.
  6. Craft a headline with the word ‘Now’ in the beginning.
  7. Have a date in your headline.
  8. Have some news in your headline.
  9. Let your headline feature a price.
  10. Feature slashed price in your headline.
  11. Feature a special offer in your headline.
  12. Let your headline feature an easy-payment plan.
  13. Highlight a free offer in your headline.
  14. Give valuable information.
  15. Tell a story.
  16. Launch your headline with the words ‘How To.’
  17. Start your headline with the word ‘How.’
  18. Open your headline with the word ‘Why.’
  19. Kick-off your headline with the word ‘Which.’
  20. Start your headline with the word ‘Wanted.’
  21. Open your headline with the words ‘Who else.’
  22. Start your headline with the word ‘This.’
  23. Start your headline with the word ‘If.’
  24. Commence your headline with the word ‘Because’.
  25. Start your headline with the word ‘Advice’.
  26. Feature a testimonial in your headline.
  27. Create a one-word headline.
  28. Create a two-word headline.
  29. Create a three-word headline.
  30. Warn the reader.
  31. Ask a question in your headline.
  32. Address your headline to a specific group.
  33. Offer the reader a test.
  34. Begin your headline with the words ‘The Art of.’
  35. Begin your headline with the words ‘A little Secret that.’
  36. Begin your headline with the words ‘The facts about.’
  37. Begin your headline with the words ‘The story of.’


I believe this will help increase your selling power. Have more winners more often. And, off course swell your bank balance.

How to Recruit Competent Virtual Employees

If you are ambitious, your online business will require virtual employees at one time. Getting the right employees can sometimes make the difference between failure and success. And so getting the right people that work and deliver exceptional results should be a priority of any mobile marketing person. Unfortunately, most people start businesses without any experience in human resource skills of recruiting, training and management of a workforce. Here are some tips that will get you in the right direction…

1. Look at your Requirements

You will need to assess your business requirements in details. Look at the tasks that you can outsource. Look at the future requirements and see how more virtual assistants will fit in your business. Think of the skills these new employees will require. Write a job description that is clear and detailed. It will help you get a better understanding of your requirements and remove any ambiguity on the new assistant. Once you are clear on this, take the next step which is…

2. Identifying the Best-Fit Employees

This may not come easy or fast. I would rather you take the advice of renowned business management leader Brian Tracy, which is hiring slowly but fires fast.  In other words, it is better to get it right the first time than regret later. So start by using modern technology trends.

Depending on your requirements, you can post your offer on forums that are frequented by people who like to do your kind of tasks. Perhaps you want articles were written or someone to handling customers’ emails or the design aspects of your websites. There are many forums for this. In addition, social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter can help you spread the word out fast and get a couple of people to choose from. Don’t forget Craigslist and the many online job sites. And here comes the hard part…

3. Conducting Personal Interviews and Doing a Background Check

Once you get respondents that match the candidates’ skills, conduct personal interviews. Use Skype or the new Google features for conferencing. Talk to the candidates, look at their faces, and ask them the hard questions. See if there is rapport that develops and assess if the candidate is really the one that can do the job well.

Even after the interview, you need to do a background check to see if there are any inconsistencies in the candidate’s claims. Look at the Facebook walls of the candidates; take a check of the LinkedIn profiles. Call or email the people the candidate claims to have worked for. You will discover much more, positive or negative that may not have been revealed before. Even after all this and you feel confident the person is fit for the job, you still need to…

4. Take a Trial

Don’t employ permanent, but give a probationary period of perhaps one month or three months depending on the type of person that you are looking for. Make this clear to the employee or better still have it in some form of contract.  Some tasks are done on a monthly basis and you need at least three months to see how they are handled. If you are looking for an article writer who does 5 – 10 articles a day, then just one week can tell the writing skills level of the candidate.

The most crucial things you need to check during the probationary period are the style of working, skills and expertise, and training requirements. You also need to discover if the employee has some other skills that are not related to the job but can help you in the big picture of your business. After the trial period, you need something else very important, which is…

5. Setting the Ground Rules

Set clear and firm goals and working culture, standards, ethics, protocols, responsibilities and dispute resolution mechanisms. In other words, you need to let your business operate like a McDonald’s franchise; where everything is in writing and every person knows what to do or what say for each possible situation.

This will help you work on the business rather than working in the business. You see most people go online to escape the 9 to a 5-day job. And when you do not have a process and a business that runs with little or no interventions, then you may end up working even more.  And finally…

6. Offer Extensive Training

The online business world changes fast. In fact, you ought to be running and not crawling. That means your employees need to get training on new ways to use Facebook as a lead generating funnel. They need to know the latest SEO techniques and the newest Google tactics. Well, not all employees will need every form of training, but every employee needs to further his or her education the area of specialty.